Volunteering with Positive Youth


We have lots of opportunities for people to volunteer with Positive Youth, from helping to recycle 

and restore bikes or assisting in the delivery and collection of bikes for the Bike Library to working 

directly with young people in different projects.   We will discuss your interests and commitment 

with you, to make sure we are the right place to use your valuable time.  



Qualities we look for in volunteers 

  • Willing to undertake an Enhanced DBS check. 

  • A person who can communicate with individuals and groups of young people appropriately.

  • A person who is willing to be part of a team.

  • A person who is willing to attend training.

  • A person who is adaptable and able to work under direction and can use their own initiative 

  • as appropriate.

  • A person who can show an understanding of the learning, care and needs of young people.

  • A person who has a commitment to and an understanding of equality of opportunity. 

  • A person who will not discriminate against individuals or their families with regard to 

  • gender, ethnic origin, culture or religion, or disability and background.

  • A person who will endeavour to fulfil an agreed commitment and give reasonable notice of 

  • termination of their service.

  • A person who can respect confidentiality.



Your Commitment to Us

As a volunteer, you are expected to:

  • Understand and accept the need for checks to be made on you.

  •  Be reliable in the work you agree to do and inform your colleagues if at any time you are not able to keep an appointment.

  • Understand the trust involved in the job you are doing and respect the confidentiality of private and personal information entrusted to you.

  • Respect Positive Youth’s principles and values in providing a service.

  • Carry out the work agreed and consult your colleagues before taking on any duty outside this agreement.

  • Understand the importance of reviewing  your work as a volunteer from time to time.

  • Consult your colleagues before taking any action in matters which might affect the good name of Positive youth.

  • Give reasonable notice if you wish to withdraw from any task.

  • Notify your colleagues of any personal change of circumstances which may affect your voluntary work.

  • Not exploit your position as a volunteer for personal advantage.

  • Not to make any commitments on behalf of Positive Youth, particularly in matters involving time, money or services.


If you are interested in volunteering with positive Youth please complete and return the application